Kimberly Moore

Kimberly is an entrepreneur completely passionate about building one of the most exciting companies in the mobility space. Four major experiences in her life fuel her as CEO – leadership, sales, logistics and wireless industry experience. Kimberly became an entrepreneur at the intersection of two decisions- to not live in regret and realize opportunities come, opportunities go, and opportunities come no more. Seeing the opportunity to solve a problem her sister and many parents faced getting their kids from school, Kimberly decided to go on the brave and often tumultuous entrepreneur adventure. Not often the decision a 53-year-old makes. It has its advantages, too. Kimberly went hard over her 20+ years as a former Verizon Wireless executive, event production consultant, and innovative juvenile justice non-profit founder. She learned how to work hard and keep high value for family, friends and experiences.

Kimberly is 2018 MindShare alumni, a featured speaker at the Conference on World Affairs and University of Florida Heavener School of Business.