Micah Roseboro

Micah prides himself as a culture curator, as he champions “sex-positive” and “body positive” ideologies in his Deviant productions. For him, baseline programming about diversity in the workplace and at school was never enough, and he understood how being left out of conversations and curriculums was damaging for minorities. Being left out of consideration when the world is making social, political decisions also breeds dangerously oppressive systems and social situations in our everyday lives. Micah aims to center the ideology and life experiences of the queer community of color that he’s a part of and loves. He knows what it means to feel unseen, unimportant, and at times unsafe. With his B.A. in Sociology and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), he’s now formed his company and mission, Deviant. He aims to make sure the social and political worlds are more understanding, inclusive, and appreciative of his queer Black and Brown peers in his work.