Nat Ware

Nat Ware is a social impact architect in the sense that he uses theoretical microeconomics to redesign human systems to improve social and environmental outcomes, and then works to bring those redesigned systems into effect. He is the founder of 180 Degrees Consulting, the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, with 90 branches across 35 countries and over three million hours of services provided.

Nat has won numerous awards, including Top Oxford MBA Student, Forbes 30 Under 30, Australian (NSW/ACT) Young Achiever of the Year, Best Performance in Development Economics at Oxford, and Convocation Medal for Best All-Rounder at Sydney University (1/40,000 students). He is a Rhodes Scholar, Goldman Sachs Global Leader, WEF Global Shaper, has swum the English Channel with friends for charity, was a visiting fellow at Princeton, taught a postgraduate course at age 21, has completed a full Ironman triathlon, has given three acclaimed TEDx talks, and is the only ever two-time Global Winner of the St Gallen Wings of Excellence Award.