Nimilolu Fafowora

Nimi Fafowora, the Founder and CEO of Beem Box, is an experienced engineer with an enthusiasm for the beauty world. Driven by her ardor to broaden the beauty industry, she takes pride in cultivating spaces for underrepresented women to thrive. As the owner of The Beem Box, Nimi oversees acquisition, operations, supply chain, sales, and strategic planning She has worked as an Engineer in various fields from electronics, to aerospace, to tech. All of these have developed Nimi’s experience in project management, problem-solving, and risk management. Since launch, Beem Box has been recognized in Elle and Cosmo, for the brands commitment to diversifying the beauty subscription box industry.

Originally from Nigeria, Nimi currently resides in California. And apart from working at the computer all day, Nimi loves to go camping and enjoys creating inspirational social media content. You can learn more about Nimi at