Oscar Pedroso

Oscar Pedroso is the Founder & CEO of Thimble.io. As the son of two Honduran immigrants and a first generation college graduate, Oscar has a first hand perspective of the shortcomings current educational standards and curricula provided to ELL/ESL and low income students exhibit.

Oscar is knowledgeable in the realm of STEM subjects, especially mathematics, having graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in Mathematics and Economics. After graduation, Oscar became a college admissions officer at the University of Rochester, where he offered pro bono consulting on behalf of inner-city high school students who were interested in attending college. His role at Rochester led him to become a mentor for several FIRST Robotics organizations at three high schools in Rochester, NY.

His background has led to expertise in teaching, children’s development, English language learning, and executive functions. He has over 10 years working with schools, community-based organizations, makerspaces, and has conducted various professional development workshops in English and Spanish.