Sahar Ghuloom

Sahar began her career in Bahrain as one of the founding and management members to formally establish and run a local chapter of an international youth leadership organization “AIESEC” in Bahrain. She then went on to start her finance career with an M&A firm “Swicorp” in Geneva, Switzerland. She joined the HSBC franchise in 2010 and since then she has worked across Bahrain, Oman, UAE, and multiple business lines.

Sahar graduated from University of Bahrain with a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance. She has also completed level 1 CFA and holds a qualification as an Associate Accounting Technician. Passionate about being part of and leading corridors of connecting Bahrain to the international communities and vice versa has driven both her personal and professional life purposes. She is the wife of an HSBC banker in Saudi who supports her ambitions closely and in distance.