Soraya Bagheri

Soraya Bagheri is the COO and co-founder of Electo, a civic technology company built to democratize how we get informed. Soraya is a first-generation college graduate with civil and common law degrees. She has experience working with global law firms, international organizations, and the United Nations at the grassroots level across four continents. Before her legal career, Soraya was trained as an educator. During her time in education, she focused on social and economic development programs. Soraya is responsible for scaling Electo nationwide to meet the needs of its rapidly growing user base. Soraya is passionate about youth empowerment and gender equality and advocates for more diversity in STEM and the tech industry. Soraya has worked for over a decade on projects aimed at empowering youth in communities throughout the MENA region and North America. Through Electo, she has developed a voice for minority communities to collaborate and innovate. Soraya now lives in Washington, D.C., where Electo is headquartered.