Halcyon Announces Climate Fellows

April 22, 2024
Contact: Coby Jones, Director of Communications

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Today, Halcyon announces the inaugural 2024 Climate Fellowship cohort. The 2024 Climate Fellowship brings together entrepreneurs across the United States and the globe creating solutions that address climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience. These entrepreneurs are decarbonizing ceramic production, pioneering water treatment technology, creating sustainable alternatives to leather, synthetic fibers, and textiles, and more.  


Halcyon shows up in that critical moment where viability is proven and scalability is achievable, but where barriers could limit a business’s ability to last – even if that business has the potential to solve a massive global problem. To date, 75% of Halcyon founders identify as women or non-binary and 78% identify as a founder of color. In an environment where only 1.9% of women-led start-ups and only 1% of Black-led start-ups receive VC funding, Halcyon is paving the way for the next generation of impact-driven businesses with diverse and proven founders at the helm.  


If you have questions about the cohort, please contact Coby Jones, Director of Communications, Halcyon at c.jones@halcyonhouse.org who can arrange interview time.  


About the Fellows 


Ignas Bolsakovas and Romina Silva, FoodWare 

Ignas and Romina are the founders of FoodWare, a venture with a mission to decarbonize and eliminate the waste coming from food service, while saving businesses up to 50% on packaging costs. FoodWare aims to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry and avoid hundreds of millions of pounds of CO2 emissions each year. 


Piyush Gambhir and Tara Gupta, Map-Collective 

Piyush and Tara are the founders of Map-Collective, a venture providing a software solution for corporate and government sustainability teams to discover supply chain transparency and automate sustainability metrics tracking and operational decision-making using AI. 


Camilo Jose Herrera Diaz, Un Litro De Luz® 

Camilo is a social entrepreneur with more than 17 years of experience. In 2011, he founded Un Litro De Luz®, a company focused on bringing energy, light and internet to communities in extreme poverty and conflict zones with low-cost solar energy.   


Daniel Cano Jiménez, Carbon Power Mexico 

Daniel is the founder of Carbon Power Mexico, aventure spearheading a green revolution in the ceramic industry through their innovative Air Mining technology. Specializing in decarbonizing ceramic production, they capture and convert emissions into carbon-negative materials.   


José Renato Lanzi Martini, Conatus Environmental Technologie 

José is the Chief Technology Officer at Conatus Environmental Technologies, a venture pioneering the future of water treatment through innovative IoT-enabled solutions. They develop cost-effective and sustainable technologies that seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure, offering real-time monitoring and optimization of water treatment processes. 


Himmat Singh, Photom Technologies 

Himmat is the founder of Photom Technologies, a robotic cleantech company established in 2018 with a vision to provide technically advanced autonomous solutions for the renewable energy and construction sector to increase work efficiency. 


Raha Saremi, EcoaTEX 

Raha is the founder of EcoaTEX, a venture developing biodegradable alternatives to fiber/yarn and animal/synthetic leathers from agricultural waste and nanomaterials to provide consumers with novel, sustainable options. 


German Vegarram and Madleine Mwithiga, ADAPTA 

German and Madleine are building ADAPTA, a climate data and intelligence company with operations in Africa and soon in North America. ADAPTA develops climate risk management products for financial intermediaries. 




About Halcyon 

Halcyon accelerates the impact-driven future of business. We believe there’s a competitive advantage to having a social mission in your DNA, and that impact-driven businesses represent a powerful opportunity to drive equity and inclusivity in the workplace and society. 

Halcyon is the community supporting impact-driven businesses and their founders through space, community, and access. Our programs offer fellowships for social entrepreneurs and funding vehicles to help them scale their ventures. www.halcyonhouse.org