Halcyon’s Big Plans To Turn Life-Changing Ideas Into Impactful Business

Halcyon's Big Plans To Turn Life-Changing Ideas Into Impactful Business

The scene at the Halcyon House is what I would imagine the beginnings of a new-age Renaissance to look like.

Outside is an old, brick Georgetown home. Inside is a renovated, multi-stairwell, large-window building overlooking the Potomac River. High-rise ceilings, lofted libraries and idea boards for entrepreneurs are scattered throughout the home. A garden overlooking the river is kept up and provides ample space for morning yoga. It’s meant to be nurturing and create a comfortable space of an entrepreneur’s ideas to flourish—or, at least, that’s what Halcyon CEO Kate Goodall and Halcyon Incubator program director Ryan Ross are going for.

Halcyon is the home of the Halcyon Incubator, which, until recently, was operated by the S&R Foundation. In late February, the incubator spun out of the foundation and folded into the newly formed Halcyon nonprofit. Think of the change like Google’s reorganization with the formation of Alphabet. With the new structure, Halcyon as an organization is better equipped for some of the larger plans on Goodall’s mind.

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