These are the 20 most promising startups in DC: realLIST 2018

These are the 20 most promising startups in DC: realLIST 2018

With so much happening, it’s worth taking a step back and remembering that these are early stage companies that are still testing and tweaking in little ways every day. At, it also leads to lots of conversation about who’s “real.” That’s why we launched the realLIST in 2017, and we’re continuing the experiment this year with a new slate of companies.

So, what makes a startup real?

For one, a bold idea. Other factors like the team, traction and execution also make a difference, as well as funding and offices. 

Here is DC’s 2018 realList:

10. Entrada ESL

Founder Erin Janklow has a compelling idea to help immigrants learn English, and an equally intriguing business model to partner directly with hotels and other service businesses. After a year of firsts, the startup is entering the Halcyon House incubator in 2018.

2. Hatch

The Y Combinator–backed startup is building a platform to help companies launch apps, and has shown that values and location are just as important to creating a new company as the product. After picking up the DC award for Tech Startup of the Year, cofounders Amelia Friedman and Param Jaggi are planning D.C. growth through hiring in 2018.

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