‘World’s best restaurant’ co-founder uses food for social change

‘World’s best restaurant’ co-founder uses food for social change

WASHINGTON — When Claus Meyer opened Noma with chef René Redzepi more than a decade ago, he didn’t plan on creating the world’s best restaurant — but that’s exactly what happened.

At the time, the goal of the entrepreneur and food activist was to build a place where he could put his newly introduced food philosophy, called the New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto, into practice.

“It was the simple idea to see if we could create an informal collaboration among a vast array of people and institutions in order to transform the food culture,” Meyer said about the then-revolutionary movement that called for local and seasonal ingredients, sustainable sourcing and an emphasis on the region’s culinary heritage.

“It was the idea of bridging joy with responsibility toward nature and the next generation.”

Noma’s virtuous approach and innovative techniques caught the attention — and taste buds — of critics around the globe. In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, it was named the best restaurant in the world. Meyer attributes the distinction to a few things.

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