AI Priori

An unprecedented opportunity exists to develop new machine learning models that prioritize equity and assist changemakers in addressing challenges on a large and rapid scale. AI Priori, designed in collaboration with social sector leaders, recognizes and tackles the issue of information overload within the social sector. By combining proven machine learning technology with community-centered data, AI Priori addresses the limitations faced by changemakers, such as limited tools, time, and capacity.

AI Priori’s approach encompasses three key elements:

1) use of proprietary, community-centered data;

2) attention to transparency and data privacy;

3) focus on systems change.

AI PrioriĀ  aims to democratize access to AI tools and strives to equip changemakers with the capabilities to address complex challenges effectively. By harnessing the power of machine learning in an equity-centered manner, AI Priori has the potential to revolutionize the social sector and support changemakers in making substantial progress towards social justice and positive systemic change.