BATx is the first Latin American startup to reuse Li-ion batteries recovered from everyday uses (such as electric devices and EVs) and re-purpose them for small and medium-scale energy storage and backup. BATx provides reliable Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solutions entirely based on a circular production chain. Once the batteries have been discarded by their original users, they perform health diagnostics on each of the cells that compose the battery and reassemble them according to our client’s energy needs. The entire service is monitored through IoT, ensuring maximum efficiency. They are committed to providing new approaches to the lack of affordable and sustainable energy storage solutions available on the market and the over-exploitation of Lithium and amounting waste produced by single destination batteries. They aim to become key players in improving renewable energies by providing storage and distribution systems for peak productions that are much needed to increase the large-scale use of renewables over fossil fuels.