BezoMoney Technologies Limited

BezoMoney is a fintech startup based in Ghana that builds and provides digital financial products and services for the unbanked and for young individuals. Their flagship product, BezoSusu, is a digital personal and group savings product which allows users to set and achieve their savings goals whilst building a savings history to access credit. BezoMoney integrates with financial institutions to provide add-on products and services on BezoSusu such as insurance, pensions, payments, and investment tailor-made to facilitate upward social mobility, especially for the unbanked. They also have a financial literacy product called BezoSmart where they provide financial literacy education for the informal sector and young individuals. For the informal sector, they provide this information via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology and for the young individuals, they have a podcast series and an Ambassador program on University campuses where students organize meetups, fireside chats and outreach programs on financial literacy themes.