Black Women's Wellness Agency, Inc.

The Black Women’s Wellness Agency, Inc. (BWWA) holds a unique position as the sole organization dedicated to centering Black women in the realm of wellness. Its primary focus is to connect Black women with a diverse range of wellness providers who understand their specific needs and experiences. BWWA operates on a public health approach that recognizes the social determinants of health—the social factors that significantly influence health outcomes beyond traditional healthcare.

BWWA aims to improve the well-being of Black women by addressing the underlying stressors they face. By amplifying a wide array of wellness offerings, BWWA envisions a world where Black women can lead productive, meaningful, and fulfilling lives free from the burden of stress. Their brand ethos, “Our Wellness is Infinite,” encapsulates the belief that wellness is an ongoing and boundless journey unique to each individual.

Rather than defining wellness in a narrow sense, BWWA channels its energy and resources into their core service: connecting Black women to a diverse group of wellness providers. These providers include, but are not limited to, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, meditation coaches, life coaches, personal trainers, and other professionals who support holistic health. To facilitate this connection, BWWA developed an app in partnership with a developer prior to the 2023 recession. The app serves as a seamless platform for Black women to access wellness providers and build a supportive community where they can engage in discussions about all aspects of their well-being.

Recognizing the power of technology, BWWA embraces automation and autonomy to ensure Black women have a convenient and efficient means of connecting with wellness resources. The agency serves as a holistic wellness community where Black women can access a wide range of services, purchase wellness products, and gather vital health information—all in one accessible place.