BLTN Collective

BLTN Collective is a social impact community development company that provides chances for people in opportunity zones to invest in real estate, learn about the home buying process, work on our renovations, receive assistance in securing financing to purchase, and finally, be in a position to buy the house they invested in or another property. Ultimately, we increase the rate of home ownership of people in underserved areas. We engage members of our communities in every step of the real estate investment process, on a per project basis, in an effort to provide opportunities to share in the prosperity of the housing market, even if they can’t buy a home. Once we put an offer on a property, we crowdsource investments from community members to purchase renovate, and resell local properties. By accepting small investments, we open up real estate investing to many families who otherwise may think it was out of reach. There are no minimums and no fees to invest with us. At the same time, we educate on home buying and the programs and grants available to them. As we put together a scope of work, we reach out to this same group seeking skilled and unskilled laborers. Finally, once the renovation is complete, we alert our investors and followers that the property is for sale – bringing the process full circle with our members and putting them on a path to generational wealth. As gentrification reshapes neighborhoods, we created BLTN as a platform for lifelong residents to have their own seat at the real estate table.