Cycleau is a revolutionary water treatment system designed to address the need for affordable and accessible solutions in households. It serves a dual purpose, providing effective water treatment and reducing the wastewater footprint.

The primary function of Cycleau is to integrate a point-of-use water treatment system within households. This system effectively treats incoming municipal water, removing various hazardous contaminants like lead, copper, nitrate, total coliforms, and cryptosporidium, among others. By treating water at the point of use, residents are safeguarded against potential water quality issues stemming from underfunded water distribution infrastructure. This decentralized approach ensures that households have access to high-quality water, even in areas where the overall water distribution system might be compromised.

In addition to its water treatment capabilities, Cycleau also plays a significant role in reducing the wastewater burden on households. It accomplishes this by capturing and recycling a portion of greywater, which is then treated to potable standards for reuse within the household. This approach not only conserves water but also alleviates the strain on public wastewater distribution systems. By reducing sewage outputs, overflow rates in these systems are diminished, resulting in improved waterway quality and enhanced environmental health. This, in turn, benefits local aquatic wildlife populations and opens up opportunities for residents to engage in recreational activities that rely on clean and accessible waterways.

Cycleau’s innovative design and functionality make it an effective and sustainable solution for households. By addressing both water treatment and wastewater management challenges, it promotes the well-being of residents, protects the environment, and contributes to the overall improvement of water access and quality in communities.