Drizzle Health

Drizzle Health’s mission is to build affordable products that provide everyone with quality healthcare. Drizzle Health’s first product, Medupi, helps primary health centers and community health workers diagnose Tuberculosis (TB) without dependencies on highly skilled technicians, a robust supply chain, storage, and large budgets for purchasing state-of-the-art technology consumables. Currently, there are two methods for TB testing in high-burden countries: Smear Microscopy (50% accuracy, $0.5 per test) and Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (95% accuracy, $15-30 per test). Drizzle Health bridges the gap between the two; a $1 test with over 95% accuracy for TB Drizzle Health’s test will enable national TB programs to control TB in an economically sustainable way, especially for communities that suffer from unending cycles of re-infection. Drizzle Health’s initial target market is India, where over 6 million tests are taken every year, a number slated to grow 6-fold as the country chases TB eradication by 2025.