EqualityMD is changing how the underserved LGBTQ+ community (~30M Americans, $216B TAM) perceives and receives healthcare.

The LGBTQ+ community is a NIH “Health Disparity Population” and suffers from systemic discrimination from within the medical community. 1 in 3 experience discrimination in a clinical setting, causing 1 in 4 to never seek care. This harms entire communities and forces health systems, payors, and employers to endure undue clinical, economic, and operational burdens.

EqualityMD’s go-to-market LGBTQ+ telehealth product will connect patients to culturally competent mental health and primary care providers and offer access to 1,000+ prescriptions (2024-2026).

Their inclusive, virtual-first healthcare and data analytics platform will enable patients to enjoy culturally competent care on their terms while delivering powerful new insights about America’s most under-measured patient population to health systems, payors, and employers. These novel insights can help increase patient engagement, improve patient outcomes, reduce financial/operational burdens on health systems and payors, and foster inclusive corporate cultures (2026+).

EqualityMD is empowering LGBTQ+ patients—which includes other underserved demographics ranging from racial minorities to military veterans—to become the superheroes of their own healthcare stories through agency, dignity, and respect while restoring humanity to the entire healthcare experience.