Kitovu Technology Company

Kitovu builds climate-smart farm and post-harvest infrastructure that enables smallholder farmers in distant pocket locations to access personalized agronomic advisory, storage, and market access services. Launched in March 2017 by a group of young people crazy enough to believe they can help Africa feed the world, Kitovu Technology Company enables smallholder farmers to cut down input costs, increase yields and sales by providing them with precise inputs, personalized soil and crop health insights, and market linkages.

We developed digital platforms that applies remote sensing and data science to provide precise inputs, soil and crop health insights, decision support, crop protection advice, and market access to smallholder farmers. Through our platform, we have recommended precise fertilizers and variable application rates and provided plant health and water stress analysis, which has enabled over 16,500 smallholder farmers to cut down their input costs by 20% while increasing their yields by 30% in Nigeria.

They are recipients of multiple National and International Awards for our work supporting smallholder farmers including Total Startupper Awards for Innovation, Nigerian Innovation Award, UN STI Forum Award for Innovation, and World Bank Ideas for Action Award for Innovation. Kitovu is working to build a resilient food system for African agriculture so as to transform African Agriculture one smallholder farmer at a time.