MEDU Protection

MEDU Protection is a sustainable medical apparel producer that innovates while protecting healthcare professionals by optimizing availability and costs. They have a range of garments that are recyclable, easy to disinfect and provide a high barrier of protection. Thanks to their fabric technology, their suits can be used for up to 50 washings without losing their properties. Each one saves 25 kilos of garbage and almost 90% of money compared to disposable ones. Thier fabric is certified for use in hospitals and places that require biological protection, which has allowed them to broaden the market they can address.

MEDU Protection has built a process to understand when the product should be recycled to have a second life and has developed an app that allows them to track the product’s useful life in real time, to understand the customer, their consumption and use of the equipment, as well as the optimization of operations within the companies that use their products.

Their vision is to generate a much more sustainable medical industry.