SEEDschool is revolutionizing coding bootcamps to cater to underserved teenagers, envisioning a future where tech pathways are not only accessible but also enjoyable. Acting as a GPS for their students’ creative futures, their primary objective is to equip them with the skills and resources necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of work and entrepreneurship.

Recognizing the potential of the Creator Economy as an untapped space for enhancing diversity and accessibility within the tech industry, SEEDschool aims to leverage this fast-growing industry. The Creator Economy offers individuals the opportunity to build careers around their passions and creative skills, and SEEDschool sees it as a vital avenue to explore. The curriculum at SEEDschool is designed to address cutting-edge topics that align with future trends. They delve into subjects such as Design Thinking, NoCode App Development, Generative AI, Web3/Metaverse, and Future Career Exploration. Through comprehensive assessments and exercises, they foster self-awareness and personal growth among their participants.

To enhance the learning experience, SEEDschool incorporates gamification inspired by e-sports; offering a unique structure that features Tryouts (similar to a pre-accelerator), Training Camps (similar to an accelerator), and Tournaments (similar to a hackathon). By incorporating elements of e-sports, such as friendly competition, rewards, and leveling up, they aim to make our program more engaging and enjoyable.

SEEDschool is committed to preparing participants for the significant shift that lies ahead in the world of work and entrepreneurship. Through their innovative approach, they empower students to embark on fulfilling careers and seize the opportunities that the future holds.