Halcyon Announces MENA Fellows

April 8, 2024
Contact: Coby Jones, Director of Communications



WASHINGTON, D.C.– Today, Halcyon announces the inaugural 2024 MENA Fellowship cohort. The 2024 MENA Fellowship brings together founders from across Middle East and North Africa, who are building the future of Health, Climate, and EquityTech. These entrepreneurs are addressing disability challenges, fostering sustainable water solutions, reimagining diabetes care, and more. This program was made possible by support from Marc and Leana Katz. 


Halcyon shows up in that critical moment where viability is proven and scalability is achievable, but where barriers could limit a business’s ability to last – even if that business has the potential to solve a massive global problem. To date, 75% of Halcyon founders identify as women or non-binary and 78% identify as a founder of color. In an environment where only 1.9% of women-led start-ups and only 1% of Black-led start-ups receive VC funding, Halcyon is paving the way for the next generation of impact-driven businesses with diverse and proven founders at the helm.  


If you have questions about the cohort, please contact Coby Jones, Director of Communications, Halcyon at c.jones@halcyonhouse.org who can arrange interview time.  


About the Fellows 


Abdelrazek Aly, Bonocle  

Adbelrazek is the founder of Bonocle, a Braille education and entertainment platform changing the landscape of Braille learning to make it more accessible, enjoyable, and universal. 


Badr Oubenyahya and Abdoulouahad Ait, OBENS  

Badr and Abdoulaouahad are the founders of OBENS, a collaborative SaaS platform aiming to facilitate transparency and end-to-end traceability for natural ingredients along global supply chains. 


Hussam Halawani, EcoGas Innovations  

Hussam is revolutionizing kitchen waste management by converting organic waste into biogas for households and small businesses. 


Hamza Magri, Vesna Biotech  

Hamza is on a mission to enhance the quality of life for individuals with diabetes through the manufacturing of a smart CGM device that enables 24/7 blood glucose monitoring without the need for finger pricking. 



Razan Mohammad and Ali Ahmad, WiPlugEv  

Razan and Ali are creating efficient wireless chargers that can be integrated into all types of electric and hybrid vehicles and charging stations. 


Vishnu Vijayan Pillai, Manhat  

Vishnu is the founder of Manhat, a deep technology startup focusing on “natural water distillation” patented technology for sustainable water and floating farm solutions. 


Intisar Rouabhia and Alaa Selim, OPTIMOO  

Intisar and Alaa are enhancing water resource efficiency for agriculture through a smart portable device, fostering sustainable water management at an affordable cost. 


Salah El Sadi, Blue Filter  

Salah is pioneering sustainable water treatment solutions designed for global agricultural use utilizing plant-based filtration technology to reduce nitrates, chlorides, and salinity. 


Diana Yafi, Find A Nurse  

Diana is helping families find trusted caregivers in their area while helping caregivers, mostly females from vulnerable communities, find decent and flexible job opportunities in healthy working conditions. 


Hala Yousef, PNIN  

Hala is the founder of PNIN, solutions and AI-based tools that address a range of disability challenges, with a special focus on resolving walking gait difficulties. 




About Halcyon 

Halcyon accelerates the impact-driven future of business. We believe there’s a competitive advantage to having a social mission in your DNA, and that impact-driven businesses represent a powerful opportunity to drive equity and inclusivity in the workplace and society. 

Halcyon is the community supporting impact-driven businesses and their founders through space, community, and access. Our programs offer fellowships for social entrepreneurs and funding vehicles to help them scale their ventures. www.halcyonhouse.org