Danielle Morris

Danielle Morris

“In 2022, I was invited by one of my colleagues to a Halcyon showcase that was highlighting Sub-Saharan African startup ventures. These ventures were addressing a diverse range of social impact issues, from improving health services to leveraging data to strengthen the collective of community makers in Africa. 

One of the ventures, Invicta, led by Eden Tadesse, was leveraging technology to connect displaced people across the world with virtual jobs and training. That venture cemented my belief in the power of enabling people to harness resources that will drive and improve the quality of life and health outcomes of people in their very own communities. 

The opportunity to support these ventures in becoming more tech-enabled was very appealing, because my work is focused on leveraging AWS technology to drive social impact. The fact that Halcyon was already engaged in communities around the world and helping ventures drive social impact inspired me to continue to leverage AWS to figure out how we can do more to support Halcyon in growing its great work. 

Halcyon brings together investors who are committed and passionate about driving social impact and supporting small ventures.  The organization connects fellows with subject matter experts who can provide coaching and guidance to ventures as they’re thinking about how to position and grow their business, while also providing the opportunity for exposure and networking. 

Halcyon is a one-stop shop for being able to reach diverse communities, investors, and ventures who are driving change. For any sponsor or organization that is mission-driven, Halcyon takes the work out of having to find those ventures—it’s created a center and a hub for tapping into a unique, diverse, global perspective. 

Technology has an incredible potential to positively transform the world, especially in the realm of social impact ventures. It can enhance the efficiency, connectivity, and accessibility of resources that allow people and communities to thrive, and Halcyon ventures play a pivotal role in shaping the future by leveraging this technology in innovative ways. I’ve worked backwards from these ventures’ biggest challenges to figure out how technology can help propel their ability to create meaningful change in the world and in their communities. 

By prioritizing innovation, responsible use of technology, and sustainability, Halcyon is setting a precedent for businesses looking to make a positive difference in the world while also thriving commercially.”

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Halcyon is a one-stop shop for being able to reach diverse communities, investors, and ventures who are driving change.