In our new Voices of Halcyon series, we interviewed Halcyon fellows, alumni, partners, and team members to illuminate the work Halcyon is supporting as we share stories from our community. 

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Ruby “SunShine” Taylor

Ruby “SunShine” Taylor, the founder of Financial Joy School and 2022 Halcyon Opportunity Intensive fellow, is a disabled Black, queer woman, wife, and mother driven to make our world more equitable and joyful by harnessing the power of financial knowledge to establish generational wealth for Black and Brown families. 

Voices of Halcyon: Ruby “SunShine” Taylor

Hidayet El Ayadi

Hidayet El Ayadi, the founder of SgharToon and 2022 Halcyon MENA (Middle East/North Africa) Intensive fellow, was born in Egypt to Tunisian parents. They taught her to embrace differences from a young age. Inspired by her sister’s challenges in the classroom, Hidayet founded SgharToon, a telehealth platform leveraging video games to detect and treat learning difficulties in children. Her venture is the first and only provider of its kind providing digital tools for therapists in Arabic. 

Voices of Halcyon: Hidayet El Ayadi

Tamara Chayo

Tamara Chayo is the founder and CEO of MEDU Protection, an award winning Mexico-based startup producing sustainable medical apparel and serving as a pioneer in green medicine. From an early love for chemistry and community, Tamara has focused her efforts to develop a fabric that can encapsulate bacteria and viruses for PPE that can be washed up to 50 times without losing its protective properties. 

Voices of Halcyon: Tamara Chayo

The Voices of Halcyon

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