Thomas L. Hunter Jr.

Thomas L. Hunter Jr.

“In my early 20’s, I got into trouble and ended up moving in with my mom. I was working two jobs and hustling, trying to get my life back together. I fell into a deep depression—maybe it was the universe telling me to do something different—and I decided to quit my job and lock myself into one of the rooms at my mom’s house until I figured out what I should do next.  

Something told me to go to New York and pursue my talents there. For the first few months, I was living in my car. Then, my car was towed, and I ended up homeless. I was admitted into a homeless shelter that offered personal development programs and business programs. This ended up being a pivotal time, and I decided to count on myself and take the leap of faith in this journey of being self-employed, being an entrepreneur, and pursuing my goals. 

I started working in the financial industry, and most of my practice was focused on personal development and helping small businesses grow. As I was helping other business owners, I had this feeling like I wanted to do more. I already had relationships, boots on the ground, and knowledge about construction and the real estate industry.  

I then started studying how climate and environmental justice issues affect the socio-economic status of Black and Brown people. I spent most of my life in Baltimore, and I saw firsthand what environmental justice looked like—buildings were broken down, potholes were everywhere, and it just seemed like there was a cloud over the area. When you go to affluent places, there are more trees, the sun just happens to hit on that side, and the air smells different.  

I thought, what if we can build paradise in disadvantaged communities? What if we can upgrade these buildings and deploy advanced technology? I found that it could have a ripple effect, and not just on the environment—it will create jobs, it will create more social status for the people that live there, it will increase safety, and it will increase access to clean water, clean food, and clean air. That’s how Edenic Energy started. Edenic simply means paradise—Eden refers to the state in which everything is beautiful and perfect. That’s our mission. 

We’re going to build the best technology when it comes to upgrading outdated commercial buildings, and our bigger goal is to create a movement with Edenic Energy. We’re focused on creating a feeling whereby the people that live outside of these communities want to help those communities build paradise, and the people in there want to foster that feeling of paradise. 

With Halcyon’s focus on supporting Black and Brown founders and other underrepresented groups, my business fits right in there; our missions align. I’ve seen the heart of the Halcyon team and the people that were coaching us. My beautiful cohort were some of the best folks that I have been around. These are the things that I associate with Halcyon.”

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With Halcyon’s focus on supporting Black and Brown founders and other underrepresented groups, my business fits right in there; our missions align.