Khadija Jallouli

Khadija Jallouli

As a person with reduced mobility, when using a wheelchair, I had difficulties with movement every day because infrastructure and public transport are not suitable for people like me.

I wanted to not only solve this problem for me, but for everyone who has this issue and this challenge. So, I decided with my Co-Founder to create the company and try to solve mobility problems for people everywhere.  

Our main product is an electric car that is directly accessible in a wheelchair, which is made from scratch for people with reduced mobility.

Then, we have another product: adapted assisted wheels for standard wheelchairs. Basically, it’s a kit of two wheels that you can put on your wheelchair instead of your standard wheels. They have electric assistance, so it’s like an e-bike. It can help you move long distances—you push a little bit and it helps you go further. The wheelchair kit is a derivative of the wheel of the car, actually. So without the main concept, why don’t we also provide a smaller product than a car that can also help for moving long distances? Without having to buy your own electric wheelchair, you keep all the advantages of having your own standard manual wheelchair that can be pulled and put in the car. But, if you need to go long distances, you just put those wheels on.  

Halcyon is about community and building this entrepreneur journey and trying to support us in every stage and anytime they can. 

Also, being in a wheelchair in this community, in these meetings, in these trainings that we had and thinking about everything that needs to be adapted for a person like me… it truly impacted me as an inclusive program. I really didn’t feel that I was left behind because I’m in wheelchair or because I’m different from anyone there.   

I had a chance to meet many of the Halcyon members, especially the Co-Founder, Kate, who I had the chance to talk to, share with, and learn a lot from. Hopefully, my cohort and I continue to share together and exchange whatever we have to use or any opportunities. It is really important that this community grows bigger and bigger, and I’ll still be supporting all the entrepreneurs from around the world. 

Halcyon is mainly about the exchange we have between all the entrepreneurs together—sharing experiences, working together in the workshops—you learn from everyone. The Halcyon program did bring to us success stories from different fields, and they came to us to share their experiences with what they’ve become after they were in Halcyon.

Some people define success by how people are seeing you or are judging the way you are doing in life. But for me, it’s simply doing what you want, what you love, and trying to do the best of what you can do to make your dreams come true.  

I don’t think of Hawker as a unicorn. Unicorns are great—but let’s focus more on the zebras. Let’s have great traction, but let’s balance it with impact. I think we need more zebras in the world than unicorns — having companies that have more impact on society, rather than only thinking about the revenue.” 

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Halcyon is about community, building our entrepreneur journeys, and trying to support us in every stage and any time they can.