Sashti Balasundaram and Jui Khopkar

Sashti Balasundaram and Jui Khopkar

“Soil is the largest commodity in the world and no one realizes it.”

Sashti’s grandfather was a local barrister in India but decided to return to his village and create a textile market place to create jobs. This was inspiration for Sashti to start WeRadiate and create local green sustainable jobs.

“That story was pretty profound in the sense that one person was able to change hundreds of families lives and now thousands, because it still exists today.”

Sashti’s idea for WeRadiate came to him when he was living in New York during Hurricane Sandy in 2010. It took the city years to recover from the destruction of the storm, and Sashti was interested in why. He found out that healthy soil can absorb more precipitation and reduce flood risk, but then got to thinking about how important soil health is not only to the environment but to our health.

Sashti says, “Healthy soils create health plants. Healthy plants create strong communities makes the city sustainable.”

“I truly believe in the mission of the company, of improving soil health,” he said.

During their time at Halcyon, Sashti and Jui joined a community of entrepreneurs and leaders that helped them access resources they didn’t even know they needed.

For instance, Jui spoke about the incredible resource her business mentor has been to her since Halcyon helped make the connection: “She has helped me build my goals and create a path for achieving those goals through self-awareness and a lot of internal work.”

“Halcyon helps startup founders and pushes the innovation that the world needs right now,” Jui added, speaking about the impact that Halcyon had on WeRadiate’s future.

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Halcyon helps startup founders and pushes the innovation that the world needs right now.